Degrees of competition in nature

In early stages in evolution of complex emergent systems, such as life on earth, the competition is at its highest.

We can observe that all life on earth branches out from the same genetically encoded core system. As we further branch out in the tree of life, variety of types increase. As we reach to tips of the branches, we find innumerable amount of species.

The very first evolutionary fight, must have been for the planet itself.

The planet is the carrier of the fundamental ecology; primary compounds in the air, the soil and dynamics surrounding these.

The very first candidate to capitalise and win-over, settlement of these first principles, won the fight for earth.

In a way, the planet, its ecology and the life on it, is tightly connected, in essence; one.

Proof for such a brutal competition should change how we perceive life, how we look for life in outer space, exoplanets. Because the nature of a planet, is decided by this very fact.

We have a single tree of life on earth. But by observing its evolutionary story, we can distinguish the norm from the consequential facts.

I believe the air we breathe, its compounds, is a result of the initial competition for life on this planet. Thus, we should not primarily look for Co2/O2/Water on other planets, as indicators of life.

We can find some other forms of life in the “extreme conditions” on earth. These are extreme conditions to us. But these otherworldly bacteria found refuge for themselves from the initial competition for this planet.

As life evolved, we further breathed our preferable version of air into atmosphere. Be it by bacteria, trees or us, humans.

The very first winner in competition of life, caused the biggest climate change on the planet.

Further speculation;

In evolutionary emergent systems, this might be an indicator for a pattern of development.

As entropy increases in a system, competition decreases. System becomes more forgiving for variety. Variances find refuge in the corners of the saturated system for themselves to survive the competition.

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“Çok thomas’lar gördüm, mahmut çıktılar” Aşık Mahsuni Herif